What We Do

We have immense pleasure to introduce Bhoopathy Interiors, the leading branded furniture showroom in Calicut. Started 15 years ago, Bhoopathy Interiors has to its credit thousands of happy and satisfied families who made their homes a place for modern and comfortable living.


Now get in form to survive sitting. Our contemporary forms resist the challenges of sitting, opening up the potential for performance. Following global trends in design and ergonomics, our seating systems meet diverse aesthetic and functional demands."


Be free from the rigours of sitting. Customize your workplace Create your imprint combining components and finishes. Our pro-active service ensures a classic seating experience.


Completely feel a chair... glide in them smoothly and reassuringly. Discover ergonomics and aesthetics that make a great finish.


Drive your own Design

Style, design, utility and value find expression across our collection:robust, utilitarian chairs to understated boardroom seating to uber-luxe chairs.Our edgy design values and flexible functionalities find a place in every global office.Do choose your favourites from here